Nutrition in Emergencies Training Network (NIETN)


Visit the new website of the Nutrition in Emergencies Regional Training Initiative, an OFDA funded ENN project implemented by by the Centre for International Health and Development (part of University College London) in collaboration with academic institutions in Africa, Asia and the Middle East.

The report of a second field visit to Kenya to strengthen in-service and pre-service training on nutriiton in emergencies is now available with background document. This is an OFDA funded ENN project, implemented in partnership with NutritionWorks. This builds on an earlier visit in February 2010. 

The report on the recent ‘Professional Update on Nutrition in Emergencies Colloquium for Institutions of Higher Learning in Kenya course’ is now available. The Lodwar colloquium was facilitated by Kerry Selvester (Consultant – ANSA), Fiona Watson (Consultant - Independent), and Wambui Kogi-Makau (Consultant - University of Nairobi) and took place at the St Teresa’s Centre in Lodwar, North-east Kenya from 22nd to 29th September 2010. Download the report here.

Visit the Global Nutrition Cluster dedicated website on Haiti to get up to date information on the emergency nutrition response, including key guidance and resources, country and global meeting minutes, and key contacts.

You can now share information on relevant training initiatives in a dedicated section of the the en-net online forum. Just use the 'post a reply' option to contribute.

Who we are

The Nutrition in Emergencies Training Network (NIETN) is an initiative from the Capacity Development Working Group (CDWG) within the IASC Global Nutrition Cluster.

The NIETN is an independent global group made up of representatives of operational agencies, educational and training institutions, government institutions, individual trainers, and funders of training courses. We have over 100 members and wish to expand this membership and heighten the interaction within this group and beyond. 

The (NIETN) aims to promote NIE training of a consistently high quality and adequate in quantity in response to the considerable training needs in the nutrition and health sector. The network wishes to identify gaps for training and provide support for information exchange on the identification and improvement of training opportunities as well as developing and implementing key advocacy messages.

A committee has been formed of ten people representing academic, NGO and institutional donors all working on improving the quality of training and response to nutritional needs in emergencies. The committee members will facilitate the necessary activities to achieve the network's goals including the search for longer term funding. 

Committee members

  • Santiago Alba-Corral (CARE Canada)
  • Kate Godden (Uni of Westminster)
  • Paul Rees-Thomas (Merlin)
  • Dr Margaret Akinyi Wagah (Kenyatta University)
  • Dr Alice Mwangi (University of Nairobi)
  • Dr Kate Sadler (Tufts University)
  • Andy Seal - ICH Uni of London (Interim)
  • Mija Ververs (Independant)
  • Felicite Tchibindat (UNICEF W Africa)
  • Elham Monsef (UNICEF Asia)

The website hosts the contacts and outputs of the NIETN and enables non-members to clarify objectives and activities of the group. To add your details to the membership database, register in the ‘Network with others’ facility on the ENN website and choose ‘training’ as one of your areas of interest. An updated list of NIETN contacts will be produced periodically.

NIETN outputs



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